Torrey Dupras
Torrey Dupras


Windows Server 2012 R2, 2008 R2, 2003, 10, 7
VMware 6, AD DS, Orion (SW), Unitrends, Path Solutions
JavaScript, PHP, t-SQL, HTML
jQuery, PHP 5.5, Kodi, IOT
GitHub, PHPStorm, Dreamweaver CC
MySQL, SQL Server 2012, MSSM Studio
WordPress, Etsy, Amazon, Joomla


Summary: As a Systems Administrator at Potlatch Corporation, I provide technical support for the business and production technology at our Wood Products Division site in Gwinn, MI. Our facility is state-of-the- art and our technical systems are no less than up-to-date with the current industry standards. We use a remarkable amount of technology, both physical and virtual, and this position is only made better by working with a wonderful bunch of coworkers who all strive to make all projects come together in a coherent and timely fashion. When I'm not working on local technical projects, I'm joining my coworkers at our corporate headquarters in Spokane, WA, on corporate wide upgrades as well as problem solving strategies. This is a wonderful position with lots of potential growth and opportunity.

Projects: Tested our company's BC/DR plan project for vulnerabilities. Assisted with MS Exchange upgrade from 2003 to 2016. Upgraded 6 production optimization PC's from Windows XP systems to Windows 7 with USNR. Created viable hot-swappable plan for all optimization USNR systems in our mill to mitigate risk of expensive downtime. Replaced all company CISCO ASA 5505 outdated models with CISCO ASA 5506 firewalls complete with hot-swappable backups. Installed Milestone Camera server system, integrated it into AD and setup multiple new IP camera systems while integrated older, not yet outdated tech. Assisted with the installation and training of our company's newest inventory managmenet system here in Gwinn using 3Log technology.

Responsibilities: Leading, co-leading, and assisting with several enterprise-level IT projects per year. All IT maintenance, support and upgrading of servers, clients, database systems and communications systems at the Wood Products Division Gwinn Site. Providing secondary administrative support to our Wood Divisions Site in Bemidji, MN.

Technologies: Windows Server 2012, Active Directory, Group Policy, Solarwinds Orion, Path Solutions, Unitrends, VMware 6

Summary: Web application developer, cyber-security analyst, and helpdesk specialist supporting multiple IT roles for a local government muncipality.

Projects: Recovered and transitioned SQL Server 2000 database to interally hosted mySQL database for custom designed Crimestar application for Marquette PD, integrated ArcGIS Server Suite into the City's server network and public network resources, redesigned of existing website from Dreamweaver forms into working PHP OO structure for the City's website, provide lead support for all Vaddio/Kramer A/V system for live HD broadcast, recording, and rebroadcast, successfully implemented SpiceWorks Helpdesk Ticketing system into network and citywide ticketing system, increase of use and security of Google Apps for Business with 180 staff accounts.

Responsibilities: Web application development and deployment, enterprise administration Google Apps for business, enterprise administration of security protocols, administration of wireless technology, administration of City's Xerox machines, security and administration of mobile phone accounts, asset controls, all City audio/video system services and maintenance including Channel 191, administration of City's cyber-security and education and any other primary helpdesk services

Technologies: On a weekly basis at least...Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Fireworks, Premiere Pro, Media Encoder, SQL DBX, SQL Server 2012, MS Server (2012, 2008 R2), ArcGIS Server, Fiddler, Spiceworks, Google Apps for Business, Wireshark, and Kali Linux

Summary: Developed several applications for Proctor Financial's 3rd party clientèle in order to receive and analyze data from hundreds of thousands of users.

Projects: Developed and implemented T-SQL procedural scripts and data reports in T-SQL. Maintained and provided development support for Proctor Financial's commercial website.

Responsibilities: Designed and developed T-SQL scripts for specified tasks of clients. Designed and developed web application for collecting client claim information for reducing forced-placed insurance. Handled special tickets requests for modifying production client data.

Technologies: Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft SQL Server Studio, MYSQL, JMeter

Northern Michigan University Marquette, Mi

B.S., Physics and Mathematics, May 2009

Teaching Certification in Secondary Education, December 2011